1. Portable mode (Windows), 2. Proxy, 3. Web app 4. Communicate with Slack users

Hi there,

  1. If I understand correctly, your Windows software is essentially portable, it downloads to a self-contained directory, then I can make it work from a USB drive, wherever, right? Still, tow question arises:
  • Which is my data directory I am supposed to back up?

  • How do I update the software?

You may want to make it portable, according to the PortableApps.com format: http://portableapps.com/development/portableapps.com_format

Do I need anything else, besides downloading the client to whatever device I will be using this from? If my history is on one device, how does it get synced to another device?

  1. How to connect the Windows through a proxy?

  2. Is there a web app implementation of Mattermost?

  3. If my friends use Slack, I use Mattermost, how do we talk with each other? I mean, I downloaded the Mattermost client, what else is needed?

Technically speaking, how does a secure connection build up between a Slack client and a Mattermost client? What protocol, and encryption is used, making sure no one can snoop in our conversation in between Slack and Mattermost?

Ps. This auto-formatting totally screws up my numbering and asterisks. Pls. help!

Hi @Matter,

Our Mattermost mobile and desktop apps are just clients that allow you to access your Mattermost server that stores and manages your messaging data. You can also access your mattermost server and teams through any web browser at your server URL, for example: http://example-server.mattermost.com or http://example-server.mattermost.com/example-team. It currently isn’t possible to message a Slack user from a Mattermost server, as we are two different messaging services.