Accepting Pull Requests: Slash Commands

Hi everyone! There have been many requests for more built-in slash commands and we’d like to propose a plan.

We’d love to get help and feedback from community members interested in implementing features.

We’re starting this thread as a place for discussion. If you’re interested in being a part of this effort, please join the discussion here and share what you’d like to work on.

We can discuss the specifics of each command (help text, error cases, corner cases,etc.) and open accepting pull request tickets that you can work on.

A command for changing the current channel would be useful.

For example, in the irssi IRC client, you can enter “/window goto #programming” to change to the #programming channel.

Of course, that’s quite cumbersome, so I create command aliases for my favorite channels. For example, I can enter just “/p” to change to the #programming channel because “p” is an alias for “/window goto #programming”.

Therefore, I would love to see support for both command aliasing and a command for changing the current channel.

Another useful command along these lines would be a command to switch to the channel I was previously looking at. In irssi this command is “/window last”, which I alias to “/l”. That way I can enter “/p” to go to the #programming channel, I can say something there, and then I can enter “/l” to return to whatever channel I was looking at before.

Custom command aliasing is an interesting idea - I think we need to add support for aliasing so we can have multiple names for some of the commands. It would make sense to let people set their own aliases too.

For channel switching - would you prefer a slash command for this, or a keyboard shortcut that opens a channel picker dialog where you can start typing in the channel name and it can autocomplete? Maybe it would make sense to have both.

Would you be interested in working on a /window command?