Audits table history rentention setting?

We’ve noticed recently that the audits table only appears to be keeping the last 1-2 days of audit data. Prior to our upgrade to 5.8 it kept much more than that. We looked for a setting to extend it back out and can’t find it. Looked in the documentation, but didn’t see anything that looked right.

Can someone please tell me what setting I’m looking for? We’d like to keep about 90 days worth of data as we pull login count reports from the table. We used to do this monthly, but are now having to login daily to keep from losing data.

Hi @mahoover, what are your data retention settings set to:

Also, if you’re open to, please take a look at what our customer support offers: You can create a support ticket via this form.

@amy.blais It looks like MessageRetentionDays and FileRetentionDays are both set to 1. The understanding I have is that management doesn’t want to keep a history beyond that hence setting those to that level.

I didn’t see anything in that link that would indicate that this would also purge the login data. Is there not a way to purge the chat history daily and be able to keep the login data? My understanding is that it used to work this way.

Sorry for all the questions. I’m not a Mattermost admin, just a reporting DBA who is trying to figure out why the data used to be there and isn’t any longer and what we can do to fix it. I can get our admins to submit a support ticket if that’s what we need to do.