Average energy consumption / Mac Client

Hi there!
First of all, I am super-happy to have found MM as data-secure chatting solution!
Question to other OS X users: What is your average energy consumption of the client?

Thanks, Bremen

Hello, @Bremen

Glad to know that you are enjoying Mattermost so far! Here is a sample from my end.

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Aha Ahmaddanial, so our two clients do consume a relativ large amount of energy ); So I try to compare it, opened in a browser tab.
Is that a bug or let’s say: Is it possible to reduce it to a fewer amount?

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@Bremen Good question, really. I never paid much attention to the amount of energy consumed by the client to be honest. Do you have a significant data comparison with the web client?

I can’t say for sure if it is a bug or there are any available workarounds to slice the number for now. It will be interesting to get more thoughts on this from other users too (maybe Windows and Linux users too if they have any way of obtaining similar data).

I think the upcoming 4.3 will help as the new Electron Framework is more optimized.



I just tested the client on Debian 9. It produces contantly 10% CPU Usage on 2 Cores.
Sure worth some optimization.