Can't close refused connection setup tab on Desktop App

Hi There!

When running the desktop version for the first time I’ve entered wrong configuration data. I then restarted and inserted local installation configuration data and it’s all fine, nevertheless on the desktop app now I see two tabs, one from my local running installation and another tab with the “cannot connect to Mattermost” message.

Is there a way to close this “confusing tab”?


Hello, @ricardobaeta.

I am wondering if this is really a specific issue to the client since you mentioned that you accidentally configured it wrongly when you ran it for the first time. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop client again?

Also, is the confusing tab appearing every time you start your desktop client?

Hi @ricardobaeta,

It looks like you’re on Mac - you can use the shortcut “Command” + comma (,) to access the Settings page where you can delete servers.

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