Changing Terms of Service Link not working on About Page

So i changed the Terms of Service Link and the Privacy Policy Link. On the login Page its working but not on the about Page in Mattermost:

My expectation is that this Links should also change when i set on in Customization. Is this a bug?

Would you be open to sharing more information about your environment from here:

The image is telling already some stats.

OS: Centos 7.7
Mattermost server version: 5.22.1
with all browsers and the webapp

Hello, @savar

I tested this on my end on the following platform:

  • Mattermost Server 5.22.1

  • Ubuntu 18.04

I can confirm that the Terms of Service and Privacy URL is only updated on the Login page but not the About page. I went ahead and created the bug report below to address this to the team:

Please add yourself as a watcher to receive notifications when the team updates the status of the bug. Share additional thoughts / comments that you have on the ticket as well. Hope that help.