Complied iOS App keeps logging off

Hi there,

I have been able to compile the iOS app with latest source code in Xcode. After deploying the app, the app(both for iPhone and iPad) keeps auto logoff all the time. I haven’t anything on the server logs, it looks like its the complied app which issue. Moreover, Mattermost public app store app(published by Mattermost) seems to be working fine…

Any help?


Hello, @tech_yyz

Just want to make sure that I am understanding the issue that you are facing here and assist you accordingly. Can I please confirm that you referred to the Mobile Developer Setup when you compiled the iOS app?

You also mentioned that the app keeps on auto-logging out all the time. How fast does that happen? 10 seconds / 20 seconds / immediately after you log in?

Did you also happen to change anything from the source code that you forked? This is to make sure that the source code itself is not broken.

In addition to the questions @ahmaddanial asked above, I’m wondering how long you’ve set your session expiry time to be in your Mattermost settings?