Configurable (non hardcoded) oembed server

I would suggest the ability to add custom OEmbed proxy server. Actually latest mattermost code is using hardcoded noembed (see

Why do I want to customize url?

  1. When company proxy or firewall block noembed and use your own hosted noembed
  2. When noembed is KO
  3. When noembed not support some providers (like spotify and use your own fork or alternative solutions like iframely (opensource), embedly (maybe not support it in first place because depends on auth/credentials) or custom

Feature will be relatively simple to develop -> just create a configuration and use it.

Hi @kakawait,

That sounds like a great idea, but our current long term plan is to rewrite those embeds using OpenGraph instead of OEmbed. That being said, that’ll be a lot of work so we’d love to have this added in the meantime. If you’re wanting to work on this yourself, feel free to submit a PR on GitHub, or if not, could you file a feature request to help us prioritize and see if anyone else in the community is interested in working on it?

@hmhealey Thank you for those informations.

About possible new feature request, do you prefer open feature request as I explained on topic or should take OpenGraph in consideration? Because if OpenGraph solution will solve coupling problem with noembed, I can directly open an OpenGraph support feature request

We’re already planning on supporting OpenGraph so you don’t need to make a new feature request for that. A new feature request is only needed if you want Mattermost to be able to use different OEmbed services before we’ve added OpenGraph support.