E2E Test Automation Hackathon (May 3 - 31)

Cypress Test Automation Hackfest :rocket:

Win an exclusive Mattermost swag bag by making five contributions to the Cypress Test Automation campaign during the month of May, 2021.
Plus top-3 contributors receive a special award!

The Mattermost team is working on automating feature testing of the webapp to

  1. Decrease time to ship a bug fix release
  2. Raise the quality of the software by reducing number of manual tests

We’re excited to work with our community to significantly increase automated test coverage! In addition to making a huge impact on the project, you’ll get experience working with Cypress, one of the most popular open source test automation frameworks.
If it’s your first time contributing to Mattermost, you’ll also receive a custom-printed Mattermost Mug!

How to get involved?
Participate in three simple steps:

  1. Join our Test Automation Hackfest channel in Mattermost.
  2. Review test cases ready for automation. Find one you’re interested in and either post in the Test Automation Hackfest channel, or comment in the spreadsheet. This will let others know you’re working on it.
  3. Create a pull request to add a Cypress test automation using this guide

Event details

  1. Event runs from May 3rd to May 31st, 2021. Any submitted PRs must be merged by June 11th 4:00 PM San Francisco time to qualify. Those closed by maintainers as incomplete, invalid or spam are not counted.
  2. Five merged pull requests wins you a swag bag!
  3. Top-3 contributors, evaluated by # of contributions to this hackfest, win a special award.
  4. If it’s your first time contributing to Mattermost, you’ll receive a custom-printed Mattermost Mug.