Enter tab character in a post

We use the Win desktop version of MatterMost.
How can I post a tab character in my posts? Most applications, where the tab will switch you to the next control, use the “Ctrl Tab” to type the tab character.

Currently I use notepad to type the tab character and copy paste it, but it feels a bit clumsy.

Hello, @LemonPepper

As of now, I am not aware of any keyboard shortcuts for Tab character in Mattermost except for the usage of 	 entity. For example:

Can you share some examples of the apps that uses Ctrl + Tab to utilize tab? Since Mattermost app behaves like a web app, Ctrl + Tab actually switches between different servers that you sign in to. If you are only signed in to one server, Ctrl + Tab does nothing.

Hello Ahmad,

When you asked for examples, I tried several programs (mostly the settings panels as they respond to tab and contains textboxes). All behave the same as MatterMost. I mostly use my own tools (C#).

So I made some interesting observations:

  • Apparently I use Ctrl Tab only in my own applications (and I assumed other applications work the same way… shame on me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).
  • The .Net textbox control works as I described (Tab skips to the next control, Ctrl Tab inserts a Tab character). But most other applications switch tabs or do nothing.
  • Notepad.exe inserts a Tab when Ctrl Tab is pressed. But so does the Tab key (without pressing the Ctrl). So that one doesn’t count…

So I stand corrected, sorry for wasting you time :blush:

Btw, I use the tab characters (in my MatterMost posts) for list indentation (i.e. a sub list inside a list).

  • Main list
    • Sub list (yes, that tab was copy pasted… :wink:)

Hi, @LemonPepper

No worries. We all learn new things every day. :+1:

Since you mentioned about sub-lists, perhaps you can try something that looks like this.

which results in the following:

Will that work for you?