Fast scrolling "backwards" on Android 9 Pie

A few of my colleagues and I have been experiencing a strange issue since updating our phones to Android 9 (Pie). When using the Mattermost app (v1.10.0 at the moment) scrolling is “backwards” when flicking. Normal scrolling is fine, move your finger from top to bottom and Mattermost scrolls back in time. Move from bottom to top and Mattermost goes forward in time. However, if you “flick” from top to bottom, Mattermost goes forward in time, instead of going back in time quickly as one expects.

Anyone else running Android 9 seeing this?

Hi @jomaxro, thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately Android 9 is not fully supported with React Native yet, and there is an ongoing discussion about this bug in the RN repo that we are following:

Here is a Github Issue that was originally reported to us: A community member also posted a workaround while the bug is being investigated:

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Great, thanks! Hopefully RN can resolve this soon now that Android 9 is stable.

I can confirm this bug is still alive in my case

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Still have the issue too. More of my team are seeing it as Android 9 is pushed out to move devices.

I appreciate this may be a RN bug, but it’d be great if Mattermost could at least add a temporary workaround seeing that RN isn’t resolving this with any haste.

This would indeed be a nice to have. Even though I’m the only one running Android P atm.

There should be a lot of other people facing this issue as well. That’s if they are using the Mattermost or Mattermost Beta app. I’ve not tried the Mattermost Classic app. Does the issue occur here too?

Hi @robinknaapen and @jomaxro, we have submitted a PR for v1.13 to partially fix this issue and further fixes will be submitted in future releases: v1.13 will be released in October 16th.


That’s great, I hope the issue will be suppressed at the least. Thanks for the heads up.

@jomaxro @robinknaapen Letting you know that if you want to, you can sign up for beta testing and then download the latest app version from Google Playstore. It includes a fix for this scrolling issue and community members have reported that it works.

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Great to hear. I was about to ask that the other day. Then I remembered that there is a Mattermost beta app. Good to see there’s a beta program as well. I will update the app asap and let you know if the workaround is working.

Working for me in the beta app. Excited to see it hit the prod release in a few weeks.

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Works for me as well.

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