HAProxy High Availability issues

I’m trying to deploy E20 HA cluster of mattermost. I have 2 nodes connected to an HAProxy load balancer but neither of them are communicating. When I go into the High Availability settings to view the cluster, I only see a single node. Can someone help me troubleshoot this? Thanks.

Hi @tuan-anh.le,

Thank you for reaching out.

Would you be open to creating an Enterprise support ticket via: https://mattermost.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?

As you do so, please also include any additional relevant information from here.

I’m also happy to help create the support ticket on your behalf if you are open to sharing your email address via a private message.

More information about Enterprise support is here: https://mattermost.com/support/.

Let me know any questions or concerns,