How do I enable search for uploaded text files?

We recently installed the Team Edition, and we generally love it. However, we cannot get search to find words in uploaded text files. Since search capabilities for all content is one of the touted features of Mattermost, I’m sure that I’m just missing something. I’m the admin, so I can change any settings that need to be tweaked, but we really need to be able to search for terms / phrases inside, at least, plain text and source code file that we upload.

What am I missing?

Hi @deanstev

Thanks for your question :slight_smile:

We’re working on improving the search capabilities within Mattermost and searching for text within uploaded files would be a great improvement!

Could we have your help adding your vote to this feature suggestion? You, and others on the forum can vote up to 10 times.

The more votes a feature suggestion has, the better chance it has of getting onto the roadmap.