How to create users through API without email?

I would like to use a username alone.
Is it configurable in any way to accomplish this?

Hi thepra,

no, but there’s no sophisticated e-mail address validation, so you can just set the e-mail address username@domain.invalid, f.ex.

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Nice, thanks.
But I’m also wondering if I could reuse the same email too. Can I?

Unfortunately, this is not possible - the E-Mail address needs to be unique across all users in your deployment, that’s why I suggested to encode the username into the e-mail address with the invalid domain name, this will work.

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Mmm, can I use Unicode in the first part of the email address? Or there are checks that prevent such setup?

Against my expectations, this is possible :slight_smile:

Not sure what will break because of that, but you can at least give it a try.

mmmm, seems working with chinese too. I’m gonna try to update the import procedure and see how it will go.