How to setup a email to invite a member in team?

Mattermost installation in Ubuntu is working fine and look cool
I can able to do sign up.
But my friends not receiving mail if i invite them in to team.
How to do the email settings?
Please let me know asap.

Hi @sskmani, did the email work when signing up for a new team? If so, please check spam filter to the people you invited. If not, please go to the menu next to team name and click “Get Team Invite Link” to get a URL that lets people sign up directly.

Hi it33,
I have installed mailcatcher for the same.
In mail catcher - From address is showing as feedback@localhost
My friend is not receiving any mail.

Please let us know, Is there any setup i have to do specifically for sending a invitation.

Hi @sskmani, please let me know if this helps? Why am I not receiving my signup email?

Thanks, I got it. Its working Now

Perfect, thanks @sskmani!