Impact on "Insecure apps disable connection to G Suite accounts"

It is announced in the Google Workspace update notice that “Insecure apps will not be able to connect to your G Suite account”.

Gmail is set in the SMTP settings and is used for invitation emails.
If the above Google Workspace is updated, can this setting be used as it is?
It is necessary to consider whether it is necessary to upgrade Mattermost, etc., and we would appreciate it if you could tell us.

Information site:Google Workspace Updates: Turning off less secure app access to G Suite accounts

You shouldn’t experience any issues with your SMTP settings, given that SMTP is not used as an app, because it is a protocol. If you do however encounter issues, I would suggest creating a “secure” app of your own through GSuite and deploying the SMTP credentials of said app to your Mattermost Instance.

Thank you for your answer.
I understand that there is no effect.
If there is an impact, I would like to generate a trusted app and deal with it.

Sounds good, If you do end up needing to create a secure app, I’d be happy to provide any and all assistance that I can!

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