Install SSL Cert - Hiring

Hi there,

We have installed MatterMost Team Edition 7.8.0

  • Installed on Google Cloud

We are looking for someone to install a SSL certificate through LetsEncrypt so we can access the server from both the ip address and a subdomain redirected to that ip.

Message us if you are able to provide this service!

Hi @martman0823-2 ,

you cannot access Mattermost via two different URLs (i.e. IP and hostname) at the same time, because the SiteUrl configuration value which is used for generating links and is also the destination for redirects in the desktop apps can only be set to one specific URL.
Also I’m not sure if Let’s encrypt supports certificates for IP addresses, so if this is a hard requirement, it will be much more complicated, otherwise you might want to rephrase your request so that only the access to a public URL is needed.