Installation via git repo


When I read the installation guide, I understand that the preferred way to install Mattermost is by downloading the zip file.

Is installation via git clone also supported?

Thank you

Hello, @KrisL

Are you looking at git cloning the repository and running a specific command to install Mattermost all in a single go?

May I suggest you to check on @paulrothrock’s mattermost_test_ldap that uses Vagrant and Virtualbox to fire up Mattermost instance as a start?

Let me know how it goes. Thanks.


Thanks for the link. I’m not looking to a LDAP setup, but was just looking if I can install Mattermost also via Git instead of pulling the zip-file.
But I’ll just follow the documentation and go with the zip :slight_smile:

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You can always do what I’ve done before several times, which is installing Mattermost from the zip file, and then once it’s installed, initializing a Github repository in the /opt/mattermost/ directory, which then allows me to essentially move the server as well as take backups, with fairly minimal other steps needed. (I also automated database backups and things like that, it would be more involved if you had to migrate the database manually etc, of course)

I strongly suggest not pushing your Mattermost instance to a public GitHub repository, that would be exposing a lot of personal and private information to the entirety of the internet, including your database credentials and encryption keys.

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