IOS classic client with AFDS SSO + AzureMFA

Hi there!
I out company we have changed TFA method on our SSO service (ADFS) to AzureMFA.
And there is an issue on Mattermost classic mobile app for iOS - app refused to login if user going to approve OTP, but only in case if MM apps go to background. In this case login screen appears again after approval.
Is this any possibility to fix it?

Hi @dimych,

Can you help with more details on your environment, config settings and any errors that you see (please see this page for reference: Also, can you help with step-by-step reproduction steps?

Also, the classic app is an older version of our mobile apps, and I strongly recommend taking a look at our newer version of our mobile apps:

Hi @amy.blais,
Our set-up is:

  • OS - Ubuntu 16.04;
  • Mattermost server v.5.4.0
  • mobile app - ios classic;
  • there are no any logs output on server side during test;
  • there are no any issues with server components detected


  • install mattermost classic ios app from market;
  • enter server URL;
  • tap sso login button;
  • enter username/pass for SSO;
  • select Azure MFA OTP method on next SSO screen;
  • go to push message from authenticator app to approve connection;
  • switch back to mattermost app.

There is no any problems with modern ios mobile app on this moment

Hi @dimych,

Apologies for the delay - would you be open to creating a customer support ticket through our ticketing system: We will most likely need to set up a test environment to reproduce the issue and/or determine what the cause of the issue is.


Sure, I have already created ticket for this.