iOS push notifications handle device token

I am creating a mobile iOS application using Mattermost server and I have one question about the push notification service.

After asking the user to allow push notifications, I received a Device Token. I guess that I have to give this token to the Mattermost server or to the Mattermost push notification service but how do I do this? What I am supposed to do with the iPhone device token so that the Mattermost token send push notification to the right iPhone?


Hi @GoodBadboY, these guides might help:

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Hi @GoodBadboY just to add on to what Amy asked, is the Mattermost iOS app already created, and the push notification service set up as per these documentations : iOS Push Notifications and Push Notification Service?

Were you able to find where to input the token that you received?

Thanks now it is working. It was just that I didn’t see this API call:

Have a good one!