Issue to integrate hybridchat

Hi there,

trying to integrate hybridchat. whatever I enter when the “team” questions comes up - I cannot get to the next step. And I’m 100% sure the teamname is correct, even tried to create new teams etc. nothing works. any clue somebody?


hybrid chat: Hybrid.Chat

Hi hansdawan and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

This error message shows up when the user account you used does not have enough permissions.
According to the HybridChat documentation, the Mattermost account needs to have sysadmin permissions.
I just verified that the “Please select a team” message appears when the account does not have the correct permissions. Upgrading the account to a system admin fixes that.

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That was it! Thank you!

Actually not too happy with the Integration. Things do not really work. Are you aware of an alternative @agriesser ?

To be honest - I have no idea what hybridchat does :slight_smile:
What is it that you want to achieve? What’s your usecase?

A chat plugin on my website, when a customer wants to chat with me it gets tunneled to mattermost, so I can reply immediately via my phone etc. The “typical” live chat widget you find on many website. Motivation: why install a new chat system when there is already mattermost up&running

Alright - I cannot really recommend something due to lack of experience in having used such a combination myself, but there seems to be PaperCups:

Maybe this works better for you.
There’s also an open feature request here which you could upvote:

And an internal ticket which indicates that this is part of the long term roadmap for the product itself:

perfect replies. thanks so much. Papercups is nice! Hybrid looks really dusty in comparison

You’re welcome - since the original question with regards to hybridchat was answered, I think it’s save to solve this topic now. If you enounter any other issues with Mattermost, please open a new thread then.

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