Looking for a developer to hire for project

I am planning on using Mattermost to run a trial of usage in higher education institutions.

Pay will be discussed based on qualifications and speed of implementation.

These are my baseline specifications of use:

  • Needs to be production installation of Mattermost (I am ok using Layershift, or others, for hosting)
  • Will point towards private domain
  • Want setup for ability to have Google Login & regular account creation
  • 2 roles (other than the admin), 1 basic user with limited ability, the with higher level
  • Want full use of notification feature

This is something I want up as soon as possible.

This job is for setup, but possibility for future hourly work.

You can contact me privately - david@goconvene.com.
Thank you for your time.
David Kampmann

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More details and full info posted at Upwork.

I am looking at a developer too…Please message me on dsouzaronald@gmail.com

No offers since jan 2016 ?


I’m a Co-founder of Brightscout, a company that specializes in the deployment, development, integration and adoption of Mattermost at scale within organizations.

We’d be happy to discuss your needs and see if we can help. Fee free to visit our website at Brightscout.com or email us hello@brightscout.com.

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Sound like it’s an opportunity for developers. let me know if you need content write.

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