Looking for Team version configuration assistance

Hi, we have mattersmost TEAM installed on our Azure platform - everything is running well in production.

Although we have a developer who could do more, we wanted to find someone that can help us finalize the settings and permission and to be sure everything is in proper order.


Help us set Roles, Permissions properly - right now there is only 2 defaults
Help us with connection to API - so far no luck on this - our developer wants to create teams/etc
Review the MySQL to be sure we have that setup properly
Review the NGIX Web server to be sure that is setup.

I don’t forsee this being many hours of work, and this could be done on your schedule - please contact me with your rates and availability !



Hi @tarcham

I can help

Email sent please check


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Hi Frank, I never received email - could you try again - tom@positiveimpactforce.com or also try tom@supersymmetryinc.com

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Hi Tom,
If you are still looking out for some help, I would be interested as this is within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

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I am interested in your requirement and will be glad to assist you

Yes, we can do that.

We have worked on divergent applications with different domains including e-commerce, pharma, real-estate, Content managment systems etc.
While writing the code we try to emphasis on code standards and modularity. Our development procedure includes writing TDD/BDD for application which helps us to make code more readable and helps in covering all the scenarios beforehand.

We try to make code modular and reusable by breaking it down in several chunks. While breaking down the code we keep in mind to make it more comprehensible and less complex.

We also have experienced working on applications which includes developing multiple libraries which later we have used as a plugins in project.

For mobile development, and to be more specific for working on API development, using grape gem is a nice option which has helped us structure our code and making it more readable. One of the plus point of using this was, it has made versioning hassle-free. In various applications we have worked on server setup part also.

When it comes to use NoSQL database we have a members in our team who are a good hand at mongoDB. Also many members in our team have worked on AWS. For few of our customers we have used AWS servers where we have managed(Spin up/down server, deployment, buckets for data, Amazon Route 53 ) etc. A lot of members in our team are virtuoso in server handling and we have used heroku as an test server for any of our applications

We have members having knowledge of ssh, sftp. We normally deploy the application via ssh from command-line and along with that sometimes we use Filezila as well. Git is the most common version control tool for our applications and we are also comfortable with subversion, mercury as well.

Also if possible for you, can we have a call to discuss more about the issues currently you are facing because that would be great for us to understand the flow and exact causes behind the of issues.

It would be great if we have discussion over Skype : cis.am3 call +14077451764 so that I can give you ab exact solution.

Hoping for prompt response

Best regards