Mattermost First-Time Contributor Mugs

We’ve created personalized Mattermost Mugs to thank people from around the world who have made code contributions to Mattermost, the open source, on-prem Slack-alternative written in Golang, React and Javascript.

These mugs feature the contributor’s GitHub username and date of first commit. Our first design reward ships to ralder, who has been made some wonderful contributions to the quality of the Mattermost web experience.

To receive a personalized Mattermost Mug, follow the code contribution guidelines to make a pull request. Pull requests can be simple corrections based on the Mattermost style guide (lots of opportunity for these right now), or feature ideas from the community marked to accept pull requests.

We even have a “good first issue” tag to check out!

However you contribute, big or small, every contribution matters.

Thank you for taking an interest in the Mattermost project. We’re excited to build it with you!

Note: We’ll ship mugs to wherever United States Postal Service is able to ship, and any customs fees will be reimbursed. If you’re in some unreachable place, like on a fishing boat in Antarctica making pull requests over satellite uplink, we can hold your mug until you arrive somewhere that receives mail.


Looks like a good reason to learn some Go :smiley:

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The Link for Mattermost style guide is giving an Error 404 response.

Thanks @Rishabh04-02,

I’ve fixed the link in the post so you will be able to view the Style Guide now :slight_smile:

Just got this Mattermost Mug today for my first PR contribution merged in Aug 2019. I totally forgot to see this gift for new contributor in CLA two months ago. I am very glad to have my original Mattermost Mug :smile:

    • If you’ve included your mailing address in the signed Contributor License Agreement, you may receive a Limited Edition Mattermost Mug as a thank you gift after your first pull request is merged.

@it33 The link for “code contribution guidelines” looks obsolete, leading multiple “manual” redirections. To get more community contributions, could you update it? cc @lindy65

New one:

Thanks @tnir for the heads up! The link is now fixed in the original post and we’ll get a redirect set up so other page links take you directly to

Big thanks for your contributions to the AWS SNS plugin :slight_smile:

You are the most welcome :slight_smile:


Hello @it33
I made a contribution and I was about to get my mug but may I know why there is a charge of 1834 rupees on it? It no longer feels like a gift or reward !! Can you help me with it urgently?

Hello, @trishitapingolia

I have reached out to the team internally. Would you mind sending me a direct message with a copy of the receipt and your PayPal email address please? Thanks.

@ahmadd I was told not to pay for it so I don’t have any receipt regarding that and they are not delivering it to me until it gets paid.
Also, I contacted one of the mattermost community members and she tried contacting the UPS service but there are issues regarding the currency.

I also personally called them on their toll free number, they suggested me that the shipper has to contact their local ups for currency issues.

Hi, @trishitapingolia

Got it. I will share this to the team as well. Let me know if you have any updates from your end too. Thanks.

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