Member search not free enough

Ubuntu 14.04

Mattermost Édition Entreprise
Version de Mattermost : 5.1.0
Version du schéma de la base de données : 5.1.0
Base de données : postgres

When I want to open a new private discussion (“MESSAGES PERSONNELS”), I click on “Plus” and a new window is raised to select a member.
In the account general parameters, if the full name is empty, the member is only identified by his user name FirstName.FamilyName and search field only works if the first letters of FirstName are entered, not the first letters of the FamilyName.
Is it possible to improve that ?
Is it possible to even allow the search with a substring of the user name which is not at its beginning (at any location) ?

Hi @cdo!

I tested this and wasn’t able to reproduce - if there is a user with no full name and only a username (e.g. sam.smith), I’m able to search with “smith” when opening a direct message.

It is possible that I misunderstood the issue - can you help with an example username or any screenshots?

When searching using FirstName : c84041f97bbab46c97075ccd9533ebf4572ee25e_

When searching using FamilyName : image

Thank you @cdo - I’m able to reproduce this and created a ticket here: