Mobile App bad UI/UX

It would be nice to show the team list only when swiping right, like in slack.

Thanks for this suggestion, @Eooooq , I’ve forwarded it to the developers for their consideration.

Hey @Eooooq I’m a Senior UX Designer at Mattermost, wanted to know if there is a particular reason you want it hidden? Is it because of it bothering you, or taking extra space?

Some of the reasons why we have the sidebar on the left visible is,

  1. You can receive mentions on some of your other teams as well. This gives exposure to those mentions.
  2. For users who switch to teams frequently, they save one swipe every time they want to switch to a team.
  3. Swiping to access the teams may also not be obvious (even if we add the dots at the bottom to indicate that there are multiple pages).
  4. It’s also consistent to desktop/tablet (so users coming from these other devices are already trained on how it functions).

Furthermore, the team sidebar is hidden on single team instances.

Let me know what your particular use-case is, and why you wouldn’t want it visible so we can see if hiding it would be better considering the other reasons why we have kept it.

I think it’s a waste of space.
Also, if the channel name is long, it can look truncated.

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Suggest adding the option .

  1. show all like now
  2. show team list with swipe action like slack