More parameters or defaults for jira slash commands

Hi there.

The jira plugin works great but I wonder if there is a plan to add parameters.
I will take /jira create as example.
When I create a ticket I always choose Global-Tasks or IT and in 90% of the time I assign the ticket to myself and set a due date for tomorrow or the end of the week.

Currently a window pops up, I have to choose a project, a type and a priority and after clicking on create I have to open the link to enter an assignee and due date
If you create 10 tickets in a row this is very time consuming. I am an old man and come from DOS times. :wink:

So two suggestions:

  1. Default settings
    Setting Global-Tasks as default for project, Thomas as assignee and tomorrow as due date should never open a window when entering “/jira create Test”. You can click the link afterwards anyway if you want to change something.

  2. More parameters
    Enter something like “/jira create Test -project IT -type task -assignee Thomas -duedate tomorrow”. No popup window should open.