Moving license to another server


we got an enterprise license but did not install it yet. But now we would like to install it on a “starting server”.
We will have to move Mattermost in some month to another domain on a new host.

Question: may we use the existing license on the new server too? of course it will not be used on the old one any more.
Or should we wait until the new server is ready?


btw: moving the database with pgdump/pgrestore is the right way to change the host, right?


Hi @wambacher - The license should work if you move it.

If you want to migrate servers, we have some documentation you can take a look at - we recommend backing up your database, config.json, and the local storage directory if you’re using local storage for files, and then restoring those.

Thank’s for the link. that will help me a lot.

Any idea about the license?

Regards, walter

Sorry for the delayed response, yes the license should work if moved to the new server.