Mugshot in Direct Message list

Is there a way to in the “Direct Messages” leftmost pane show a miniature mugshot, in addition to the persons name shown? Sometimes the name is not know or remembered, but the face is not easily forgotten and might be recognized, when initiating a conversation. When having many contacts often the names becomes very similar i.e John A Smith, John B Smith, John C Smith. Which of those is the John you met at the coffee machine? Of course one can click on each and every one of the ones in the long list of Direct Messages, you believe you spoke with in order to see the mugshot, which is only shown after a specific contact have been selected, but it is a time-consuming process.
If not, can it be implemented in next release?
Thank you for your time.

We don’t have this feature currently, but please feel free to add it and up-vote it on our feature idea forum. The product team relies heavily on the votes in this forum to determine the future of Mattermost.

Personally I think it would be great to set a background image for every channel so that you can tell what channel you’re in more easily.