MySQL mattermost tables are empty after unexpected server shutdown

I’m not entirely sure what happened here, my server shutdown unexpectedly and after rebooting, the mattermost MySQL tables shows 0 rows such as the Users table, Posts table, etc. There are some tables with data like the Teams table. There are other databases on the mysql server where mattermost database is installed but there doesn’t seem to be a problem with those. If I go to where the MySQL data files are located, the files for the mattermost database are still there, the .frm files, the .ibd files. The ibd files are not empty, opening the file with a text editor I can read some of the data that are suppose to be there, so why are my tables being shown as empty?

I’ve tried restoring the Users table to another database and another server. I think I succesfully did it when i tried creating a new schema, create the Users table and copied the Users.ibd file to the folder of the new schema but the table was still showing as empty.

Mattermost version: 5.1.0
MySQL version: 5.6.46 MySQL Community Server (GPL)