Oauth2 parameter documentation location

We are trying to use our E10 server as an OAuth2 provider for user access to our JetBrains suite of tools. The current Mattermost OAuth2 configuration is not exactly well documented and there isn’t much in the way of being able to find the mappings required for proper use. JetBrains has an OAuth2 requestor configuration and it requires the URLs for Token, UserData and Email. Also we need to know the mappings for the various fields and the scope.

I believe I saw a ticket open requesting further documentation of the endpoints, is this something that is in progress?

Thanks for your time.

Hi @dschaper! Thank you for this suggestion :+1:

Would you like to help open an Issue in our Docs repo for visibility for our community and I’ll also help ask our devs about who could help update this part of our docs.

Thanks Amy, will do that later on today.

I’ve had a similar issue with using GitLab as an oauth2 client. Maybe my findings (had to go through the source of MM to find the URL endpoints because they are not documented) can be of help:

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Unfortunately the JetBrains OAuth consumer requires a scope for it to even think about talking to the provider. I’m not sure if the OAuth2 service with Mattermost is scoped or not, but that’s a good shout about checking through the source code for the options. Once I can definitively determine that setting then I’m in a better place to be able to troubleshoot and possibly document the settings for other users to apply.

Found the ‘api’ scope seems to allow authorization. I’m getting a good auth, and the user account shows the proper OAuth application in the user settings, but now the redirect doesn’t seem to work. Getting an error that the selected team is not public (which is true) but it should be redirecting back to the callback URL. More investigation needed.

Seems to be a configuration problem on my end. The Not Public page is from a URL of https://<mattermost_host>/oauth/<callback_url> but I’m not quite sure why it’s prepending the URL of the mattermost server and not redirecting yet.

Solved it, will post the config that I found to work. Need to redact some screenshots and reduce their size but it’s pretty similar to the GitLab solution.