Performance monitoring metrics page

Hi All
I install enterprise edition, activate the trial key and trying to test performance monitoring by Prometheus with next instruction but when I’m trying to go to my_ip:my_port/metrics I am getting the error
I see that my_port does not use on the server
pls tell me what should I do for viewing page with metrics?

Hi @buddy!

Thank you for reaching out.

To give you the best help we can, could you review this web page and send us the relevant logs, config files, server version, etc. so we can diagnose this issue? If you have any questions about where to find this information I’m happy to walk you through it.

Looking forward to helping you!

Hi @amy.blais

Thank you for your quick answer.

I resolved this issue by rebooting mattermost after enabling performance monitoring.

It seems to me documentation has to include this step

Hi @buddy! Thank you for letting me know, I’ll help edit the documentation.

Hi @amy.blais

I’ve got one more question
can you tell me how the values of the metrics are calculated?

for example, I see that mattermost_post_total = 5 and it’s ok.
Then I restart my mattermost service and mattermost_post_total set to 0 again!!!
I thought it is “The total number of posts created” from the begining.

Hi @buddy! Giving you an update that I have asked our engineers about this and I will let you know once I receive a reply. I should have more details on this tomorrow.

Update: our engineers just replied with “Our metrics are meant for a time series DB. That doesn’t represent the total number of posts in the DB.”

Let me know if this helps!