Possible client side memory leak (Desktop v4.0.1)


We’ve noticed that the Mattermost client slows down the longer it is run for.

Steps to reproduce

Leave Mattermost application open for an extended period of time (days)

Expected behavior

Application continues to run quickly and smoothly. No noticeable delay while typing, submitting messages, switching channels, etc.

Observed behavior

Application slows down the longer it is open for. Sometimes it is very very slow to respond. A user can type an entire sentence and it won’t display and then suddenly it will all display at once. Other times it takes several seconds to switch between channels.

Users reporting issues are using v4.0.1 of the Mattermost Electron desktop app.

Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know about this. What OS are you seeing this on? Is it the desktop app or the web app?


One of the users is running the web app on “Chromium Version 63.0.3239.84 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.3, running on Debian 9.3 (64-bit)”. Waiting to hear from the other user that reported this, will edit when I hear back.

I am using Windows 10, with the electron re-packaged version of Mattermost.

What happens is that over 2 days it starts getting mega slow, and I can no longer type into the “Write a message…” box without enormous delays.

Reloading CTRL+R fixes it!

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Do you know if this happens regardless of the number of messages received? Since it takes two days to reproduce I want to make sure the test conditions are accurate.

Honestly I am not sure. It only happens after a day and always there is plenty in chat by then.

I would probably abandon using the electron thing altogether if you supported something like this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/experimental-desktop-pwa-works-with-discourse/86348 , cause the folks at electron are having a real hard time keeping up with chromium.

@yuya-oc FYI, is this something we should take a look at fixing for 4.1?

@amy.blais For now, I’m not sure. However I’m interested whether v4.1 makes sense in this case. If it doesn’t, we need to research other approaches.

I’ve created a ticket here for this to track: https://github.com/mattermost/desktop/issues/793

Hi @jomaxro! We released a new Desktop App version (v4.1) just yesterday which includes fixes related to this issue - would you like to upgrade and then let me know what you experience?

Hi Amy! I’ve never personally experienced this, (I think I reboot too often), I was reporting for my team. My colleague @sam.saffron has though.

Note @amy.blais I do not see this issue in Chrome only in the Electron app, will test latest to see if it is better.