Question about Janus and sharing it with different Mattermost servers

Good morning,

I suppose not, but would like to have an answer from the people who better know Mattermost :slight_smile: .

If I have different instances of Mattermost and just one Docker container obviously all Mattermost server would share the admin secret. Can happen that Mattermost different instances to generate same token or similar for interacting with Janus?. As far as I have seen the token is generated by web browsers so… there should be no problem with that I assume or should be extremely extremely difficult… and Mattermost just sais to Janus : “Hey allow to go through you this token for this two browsers”, for later when browsers connect to be able to work the proxying isn’ t it?.

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Hi @egoitzr, thank you for your question! I’ll ask about this from our developers as I’m not sure - I’ll let you know their feedback.

Thanks Amy!!

I suppose not but… you know, for knowing what you think about…


@egoitzr - to clarify: when you say “different instances”, do you mean different servers or different teams?

That’s it… because I didn’t want for them to be able to interfact between them… are totally different groups that have nothing to do ones with the other ones…

That’s why I have N Mattermost servers running…

Cheers Amy :slight_smile:

Hi @egoitzr,

Thanks! Yes, I believe in that case a different token is generated for different servers.