Release Notes for upgrading to Mattermost v1.0 from release release

We’re sharing a few notes here for users upgrading to v1.0 from a pre-released version:

  1. After upgrading to v1.0 all sessions will be automatically logged out and each user will need to log back in with previously entered credentials (which includes re-authenticating via GitLab SSO if that is installed).

  2. If you’re upgrading from a pre-v1.0 install, you’ll need to add your user account as a system admin. If you’re installing v1.0

  3. Run ./platform -assign_role -team_name="name" -email="" -role="system_admin" For help on the new command tool run ./platform -h

  4. Settings in config.json need to be updated with changes in v1.0. Documentation for the settings appears in the System Console User Interface and additional written documentation for doc/ is in progress