Sales is slow, trouble with licence issuance

Hello, we’ve requested a license 10 days ago, we’re still waiting. This process should not be so hard.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. I’ve forwarded this to our Sales team to take a look.

@tolgaulas hope you’re well - as we have been discussing (via emails), you are looking for a personal licence instead of a business one - as I mentioned in my last email I am working on it to get you there if possible.

Thank you @amy.blais for rising it :slight_smile:

And then replied with the corporate name, and have not heard yet; nothis process is really cumbersome. If you are targeting 1000+ users not the small startups then you should mention those in your websites. I contacted you 6 days ago; you asked to call me, I said i can’t talk english, yet you called again, and you came up with new conditions like 10 min users and yet we still don’t have licence. Why don’ you automate this simple process? I believe it should not be hard.