Sign in with something other than GitLab?

I run a small gaming community and am wondering if there is a simple way to add other ways to sign in via an external service. Specifically, I’d like to use Valve/Steam to authenticate my users.

Is something like this possible currently?

Hi @Andy, this isn’t supported right now as:

  1. Adding more sign-in methods beyond GitLab increases the difficulty for 3rd party app developers to build extensions for Mattermost. Keeping auth simple makes it easier to build 3rd party integrations, which are rapidly growing.

  2. There’s a great deal of time and energy that goes into supporting just GitLab sign-in, and the support team isn’t keen to add more sign-in methods that would put more demands on their time and lower the quality of support overall

There’s a little extra work your team needs to do create an account, but it should pay-off in terms of how many more integrations you can use and build with a simple design.