[Solved]Can I change the landing page?

Hi,for security reasons, is there any way for us to change the landing page(https://mm.xxx.com/login) to pretend it’s not looked like a mattermost server?
I’ve tried templates/welcome_body.html,
but it seems not the right file.
Right now I’m using the Enterprise Edition,
Should Ichanged to Team Edition?

Hi meninblack and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

If you have an nginx server in front, you can do that there. So if I got you right, when someone enters https://mm.xx.com into the browser, you do not want a redirect to https://mm.xx.com/login to happen, but instead you want to present the users with an custom page or with a HTTP/403 (Forbidden)?

If you’re using nginx as a reverse proxy in front of your Mattermost installation, you can f.ex. achieve that by adding the following configuration:

    location = / {
        return 403;

This will return a HTTP/403 (Forbidden) when someone tries to access https://mm.xx.com.
This configuration can also be used to redirect the request to another URL, to deliver a locally stored HTML file or to reverse proxy into another system. Depends on your needs.

Sorry, forgot to answer this question.
If you do not require the enterprise features and want to stay with the free edition, you can simply switch to the team edition - it has the same features as the unlicensend enterprise edition and will not remind you to upgrade, but you can switch between the editions everytime, in fact, there’s no difference in functionality.

Thank you for your reply!
Yes, using nginx as a reverse proxy is a good way.
But if anyone tried xx.com/login,
the real page is exposed.
eg. GF.W may ban the domain or IP.

Actually, I want find the index.htm or template file to change the login page,
The new landing page may look like a Cloudreve login page.
I can’t find the index.htm or template files in Enterprise Edition.
Is it encrpted? Can I find them in Team Edition?
Thank you!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to modify the templates currently. at least not to the extent you’re probably looking for. There’s no index.html file or template file to directly edit here, since the login pages are part of the webapp, not the server component.

You can, however, also use nginx to replace the delivered stylesheets and HTML data on-the-fly, but that’s a bit more tricky, but I don’t understand what it is you try to achieve here (and I also do not know what “GF.W” means, sorry.

Team and Enterprise Edition without a license share the same code, so as I said, there’s no difference in these two unless you start using the enterprise features (but they will also not allow you to customize the loginpage).

interesting information

Thank you! That’s very helpful for me!
As for the GF.W, you can google it.

OK, got it - you mean the Great Chinese Firewall. Well, it’s even a bit more complicated, but usually it helps to just use a different port, so if possible, run your server on f.ex.: https://yourdomain.com:7777/ and this should be OK then.
If you want to hide the Mattermost setup and still continue to run on the default ports, I suggest to put the application into a subdirectory that cannot be indexed by the search engines, etc., so you could install it at https://yourcomain.com/secret/path.

Thank you!
Good solution!
I’ll use subdirectory and other port!