[Solved] Cannot receive anymore notifications from github

after upgrading from mattermost 4.5.0 to 5.17.0 I saw that our instance mattermost github channel stopped receiving notifications from github.
So, I read the github plugin configuration guide, create in github OAuth Apps to get Client ID and Client Secret, then I created webhook secret and put it into github existing Webhook, etc.
At the end I went into our mattermost instance, github channel and launched “/github connect” as suggested and “/github subscribe /” trying to connect a specific repository, but all I received was the message “Unknown Repository”…
I was able instead to connect to our organization, but what it seems to me is that this plugin does not connect to PRIVATE repositories, only to PUBLIC, so this way I will not be able to connect to any of our internal repositories.
Am I right?
If so I have two questions:

  • How did it work instead with Mattermost 4.5.0 ???

  • How could I do to make it work now? I think that changing the repos visibility to PUBLIC could be quite dangerous. Are there other solutions?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Hi, is there anyone who has some suggestions about this thread?

Hello, @mbarbaro

I went through the Mattermost Changelog but could not find any specific information about the removal of private / internal repositories from any of the releases.

I dug a little deeper and came across the version 0.8.0 here that mentions the support for private repositories:

Add support for private repositories

  • To enable private repositories, make sure to set Enable Private Repositories to true in the plugin’s settings
  • Note existing users must reconnect their GitHub accounts using /github disconnect and /github connect to access private repos. Affected users will be notified of this by the plugin bot once private repositories are enabled.

Therefore, can you please confirm that the Enable Private Repositories configuration is set accordingly on your plugin setting?

Hi @ahmaddanial, it seems that you found what I was looking for!
It was simpler than I thought, i.e. “Enable Private Repositories” was not enabled!
I enabled it, reconnect with /github connect, and then I started receiving notifications from github…
Thanks for your support!
I think you could close the issue.

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@mbarbaro You are most welcome! Happy to help.