[SOLVED] Channel shows unread even after reading all messages

After upgrading from 5.29 to 5.34.2, channel remains unread even after reading all messages.

Steps to reproduce
Mattermost Version: 5.34.2
Database Schema Version: 5.34.0
Database: mysql

Anytime there is a new message in a channel, the notification comes in and the channel highlights as unread. But even after reading the message, the channel name still shows as “Unread”. This happens in desktop as well as Android app. Even after logging out from all devices and logging back in, the channel shows as “unread”, but the notifications don’t come (as it should not notify again).

Expected behavior
Once the messages in the channels are read, the channel should not remain as unread.

Observed behavior
The screen shot shows that there are some channels that is shown as “unread”. But all of them were read earlier and they reset back to this state. This started to happen after I upgraded the mattermost server from 5.24 to 5.34.2. Since then all new notifications are keeping the channels “unread” all the time.

Found the solution here: [SOLVED] After upgrading to 5.29 messages fail to mark as read - Trouble Shooting - Mattermost, Inc.

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