[SOLVED] Convert to Enterprise edition Gotchas?

We are using the community edition, and we really like it. We are looking at going with the Enterprise version because of Active Directory integration and other features.

However, before we turn our users loose to get a final user count, we’d like to know if there are any ‘Gotchas’ we should look out for.

Of particular interest is what will users see when we convert them from a local account to an AD account. Right now, we have people logging in with the format “Bob_Smith” for their user name, but our AD accounts are “BSmith”

Will we have to wipe out existing users and conversations or will we just need to convert everyone’s account to our AD username format via CMD line?


Hey @ashmite,

Thanks for your interest on the Enterprise version!

If you migrate your users via the migrate_auth CLI command, then all history is preserved.

The only impact to your end users will have includes:

  • usernames changed from Bob_Smith to BSmith. For instance, posts made by Bob_Smith will now appear to have been made by BSmith
  • login through AD credentials, instead of email/password.

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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Thank you Jason,

This helps a ton!