[SOLVED] Deploying iOS application publicly

I’ve read the Apache license, but want to clarify one thing.

Can i change the name of app?

Hi @wannabe,

Thanks for your question,

You don’t say where you read about the Apache license so I’m not sure whether this documentation will help?

Let me know if it doesn’t and we can ask one of our product managers to help.

Thank you for you time.

mattermost-ios-classic/LICENSE.txt at master · mattermost/mattermost-ios-classic · GitHub – here

And here – GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-ios-classic: Mattermost iOS application source code, i’ve read about deployment.

I want to deploy it publicly to AppStore.
I just don’t understand about “name of app” – “Mattermost Classic”? Can i change it to “Shmattermost” or something else?

Hi @wannabe - if it’s deploying publicly you would need to rename the app (App Store apps cannot have the same name).

Here’s the notes we have on rebranding, I think we just ask that you use a different name/logo as per trademark policy since it would be an app provided by you and not us.

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