[SOLVED] In any channel, any message from anyone triggers a desktop notification

Mattermost Enterprise Edition 4.7.1 (4.7.2)
Database : postgres

I unsuccessfully checked :

Account parameters notifications setting is : “desktop notification only for mentions and personal messages”.
All channels notification preferences setting is : “default (mention)”
This behaviour is the same if I change channels notification preferences setting to “only for mentions” and even to “never”.

This issue is there from day 1 I started to use MM.

BTW, link “Troubleshooting Forum” is dead in How to use the Troubleshooting Forum

Hi @cdo,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

As a start, can you help describe which Operating System and which Mattermost Desktop App version you are using?


The OS I am using is Ubuntu 14.04. You are right, this info is a needed basic one, so I think it should be added to How to use the Troubleshooting Forum C), shouldn’t it ?
About Desktop App version, here is the app about snapshot from where I got the version info : image.
If not sufficient, could you tell me where I can find the relevant info ?

@yuya-oc Thoughts on this ticket? Or would this be an issue on the server side?

@amy.blais Possibly an issue for server side.

@cdo Would you check whether the problem happens on Chrome?

The original issue is, actually, a misunderstanding of Mattermost behaviour on my side. I understand now how Mattermost notification is working on Destop App.
Over the upper right corner Mattermost icon :

  • an empty red circle is displayed when any not mentioned (to me) message is received.
  • a solid red circle is displayed (+ popup) when a mentioned (to me) message is received.
    I don’t know if this explanation is given in the doc somewhere but I didn’t find it.

@cdo Glad to hear the issue is solved - I will edit our documentation to make sure the behaviours you described above are clearer for all users!

OK, thank you for your support.