[Solved] No notification when get a direct message

Hello community,

is it possible to disable the notification when a user get a direct message.

When i disable E-Mail Notification at all, we also get no E-Mail when a user want to reset the password or confirm the E-Mail Adress.


Hello @mk2010!

Certainly - you can take the following steps:

  1. As a System Admin, enable email notifications on System Console > Email. This helps ensure emails are sent for things like resetting a password.
  2. As a user, go to Account Settings > Notifications > Email Notifications, and configure your preferences when notifications are sent for mentions and direct messages. If you disable them, then no email notifications are sent for direct messages. However, they continue to be sent for system notices such as for password resets.

Let me know if the above is helpful?

Thats okay for us…

Thank you

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