Switching Teammate Name Display to a System Console Setting

Currently, in Account Settings > Display we have a setting that lets users control whether names in Mattermost are displayed as full names or usernames.

This causes a couple of issues we’ve heard feedback on:

  1. System Admins want to be able to set this for all their users (most people would prefer full name to be shown by default instead of username)
  2. Push notifications and email notifications do not follow the existing setting for performance reasons

Based on the above feedback, we plan on switching the setting to be a system wide setting and removing the end user setting.

This would let admins control how the name display looks for all their users, instead of having to explain to them how to go change the setting.

If anyone has feedback or concerns about the proposed change, we would love to hear it - please comment below!

I can see the logic of setting the default on the server (and having that apply to notifications), but I expect a lot of our users to be disappointed if they can’t override this. Specifically some people prefer the “nickname if exists” setting and others prefer the full name.

Can we keep the option for users to enable “nickname if exists”?

Hi @gubbins - that’s one of the things we were wondering about, but we weren’t sure what the demand for a user specific setting would be like.

I think if it’s a common need, we can add the user setting back in as well and have the system one as a default. (We would probably need to have the push notifications and email notifications still follow the server setting for performance reasons though.)

Understood @lfbrock. I think the demand certainly exists here in my workplace (I will likely get moaned at if this is taken away!)

I am working on this now with everyone

I am working on this now with everyone

Can you help describe more what you mean @rjkmurray89?

that feature sounds great.
Is it already possible to at least set the default “Teammate Name Display” system wide?

@bnf2si Starting with Mattermost 4.0, the “Teammate Name Display” can now be set system wide in the System Console: https://docs.mattermost.com/administration/config-settings.html#teammate-name-display

There is also a feature proposal for having an end user setting in addition to the system one:

Please consider upvoting it if you want to see the feature as we’ll use that to help gauge how big priority it would be in the community.