Trying to enable MFA causes invalid token error

Trying to enable MFA causes invalid token error.
getting following error in debug level log.
Activate code=500 rid=i1u5w7spyfdn9xe13tfa334cee uid=zn8wsf6pztgsikxfnrwhkz1okc ip= Invalid MFA token [details: ]

Repo steps:

  1. Press the “Add MFA to your account” button

  2. Scan the barcode

  3. Enter the token

  4. Receive the error “Invalid MFA token”

Hi @archanbhatt,

This is typically caused by the server clock being out of sync. If it’s not your server clock causing the issue, can you:

  1. Check the device clock to make sure it’s using network time and is not manually set
  2. Let us know what authentication method (eg email, LDAP) the account is using?
  3. Let us know if your email has any strange characters in it? It’s unlikely, but something like this could be causing issues with the token generation.