Unable to use external keyboard on Android phone


When using an external keyboard on an Android phone, text entry automatically defocuses when the keyboard closes meaning you can only type one character at a time.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect external keyboard, USB or Bluetooth, to Android Phone.
  2. Open Mattermost app (current version 1.28.0)
  3. Tap on text entry field.
  4. Start typing on physical keyboard.

Expected behavior

Able to type continuously on physical keyboard.

Observed behavior

Virtual keyboard closes, and text entry focus is removed. Unable to type more than one character at a time - have to keep tapping on text entry field.

Mattermost (server) Version: 5.20.0
Phone: ONEPLUS A6013, Android 10.3.1 (build ONEPLUS A6013_41_200115)

This seems to be related to this fix which is submitted for a future release: https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-mobile/pull/3760.