Update from 0.5

I’d like to update my mattermost installation to 0.6.0 but I can’t find how this is possible. Maybe I’m missing it or maybe is something more related to docker but I’d like to see a section about it to help maintain a sane installation.

Hi cifvts,

If you are using a docker image, running the command docker pull mattermost/platform:0.6 Should upgrade you to our latest release. If you want the latest updates from the master branch (which have some problems) you can run docker pull mattermost/platform:dev

Let me know if you require any more assistance.


I’ve tried your command and it downloaded a new container. However I then run this one docker run --name mattermost-dev -d --publish 8065:80 mattermost/platform that downloaded something different. The result is I have a working installation now and I can finally try it and let some other engineers to try it. The latter command was not working few days ago when I asked so I think there were some problems. Anyway, thanks for your help!