Upgrade mattermost using docker-compose

I’m asked to upgrade the Mattermost 4.7 Enterprise Edition running on docker to the latest. According to docs, it should be simple git pull, but we don’t have the original clone from which the current server was built. I can see and access the docker running mattermost.

Should I just make a new clone from the latest repo and docker-compose build from there. Will this preserve the configurations? Won’t it require reconfiguring everything again?

How should I proceed? Thanks.

Hi @rashid 4.7 is fairly old now and definitely requires a migration step to upgrade to a 5.x version.

I highly suggest you backup the database before trying any update.

After you did so I’d suggest pulling the new repo to a different location and then porting over the modifications you did to the old instance to the new one by hand.
The new docker-compose file is relatively straight forward and should be easy to setup if you’re experienced with docker.

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This was done. Thank you for your help @sven.huester

Of course, happy to help! :slight_smile: