Web Layer for security

Dear All,

I have installed app and db on same server (db is mysql). We are not exposing it to internet but now security team has raised concerns.

If mattermost or any application which is hosted on same server without any extra layer (in my case its only app and db) it will be an risk to all other server which is on same vlan.
Security team says it will be better if we can add web layer which will give some security to the application.

How can we resolve this?
Also, mattermost is hosted on any web server? from my understanding No there is no web server as such, mattemost server install as a single compiled binary file and entire mattermost server is accessible through RESTful web service API.

Thanks in advance

Hi @bharat8657,

Are you looking for instructions to install nginx?

Hi @amy.blais ,
Thanks for reply, I have instructions to install NGNIX.

But I am not sure it will act as proxy server or web server if I will install this.
Our security team says the I have installed app and db for mattermost on same server and its not secure architecture, need to add one web layer into that.

So if I configure NGNIX will it act as web server?

Thanks in advance

Hi @bharat8657,

Yes, I asked our security team about this and they recommended looking at installing Nginx for this.